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Couch To Podium Podcast

Jun 17, 2023

🎙️🎧New Podcast!🚨

Do you want to learn how to put on live events that are engaging, memorable, and profitable? If so, then you're in the right podcast!

Join us on today's episode about ''Elevating The Game of Putting Up Live Events" with Mothyna James-Brightful, CEO of MeRISE, a consulting, coaching, and...

Jun 12, 2023

🎙️🎧New Podcast!🚨

Join us on today's episode about "How to Effectively Market Yourself that Converts to Sales" with Dr. Lori A. Manns, Chief Creative Officer: Marketing Consultant, and Business Strategist of Quality Media Consultant Group LLC on how to effectively brand yourself that converts to sales. She...