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Couch To Podium Podcast

Feb 9, 2023

🎙️🎧New Podcast!🚨

In this podcast episode, you will hear from Sharvette Mitchell, CEO of Mitchell Productions LLC, a professional consulting and marketing firm on how small business are able to build their brand and platform so that they get more customers and make more money.

She will also discuss the top six components to building your personal brand! 

Since 2008, Sharvette has hosted a weekly talk radio show, The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show, that airs on Blog Talk Radio, Apple Podcast, iHeart Radio, YouTube and on her five LIVE STREAMING platforms. She has been seen on CBS 6, The CW Network, and featured in publications such as Huffington Post, Hope for Women Magazine & AARP.

Contact her through this website: Home - Mitchell Productions and Sharvette Mitchell (

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